Health Dynamics Preventive Care Program

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Good health is good for the bottom line – especially so if the organization is self-funding healthcare for its members.

At Health Dynamics, we help organizations to optimize the health and well-being of their covered constituents while cutting costs and reducing health issue unpredictability, all with minimal administrative burden.

Focused solely on preventive healthcare since the 1980s, we’ve developed capabilities and efficiencies that allow us to provide one of the most comprehensive preventive exam programs available today. Following the clinical exam in both of our fully integrated offerings, Health Dynamics Comprehensive™ or Health Dynamics Primary MD™, our expert health educators provide tailored one-on-one guidance, an important step proven to improve individuals’ compliance and cut unnecessary costs.

With our experience and efficiencies, we’re able to provide these unique services at a price well below usual and customary insurance rates. Also, because our programs are more thorough and provide follow-up coaching, early detection and patient compliance with medical recommendations are magnitudes higher than with traditional preventive exams. And the healthier members are, the greater the reduction in business costs associated with healthcare spending, lost productivity, major illness, prescription spending and more.

We make the aforementioned improvements easy with 2 program options:

  1. Health Dynamics Comprehensive™ – our 84-point annual health examination at one of our specially trained network provider sites provides the following components, all covered for one low (per participant) price:

  • Comprehensive Health History Questionnaire
  • Physician-directed Physical Exam
  • 43-point Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • 16-point Urine Analysis
  • Blood Pressure Measurements (resting & active)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Cardiovascular Fitness Test
  • Pap Smear and Screening Mammogram (women)
  • Prostate Cancer Screening (men)
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Strength and Flexibility Assessment
  • Measurement of Height, Weight and Body Fat Percentage
  • Pulmonary Function (lung capacity) Testing
  • Analysis of Diet
  • Stress Inventory
  • Personal Health Report and Risk Profile
  • Personalized Results Review and Coaching Session

2) Health Dynamics Primary MD™ – this unique service is designed to bridge the gap for members who prefer to work with their Primary MD, instead of participating in our Comprehensive program.  This program involves less time commitment for members, but provides tremendous value to member and plan sponsor by:

  • Reporting health status results to each participant (unlike the very limited follow-up provided by Primary MDs
  • Increasing the quality and continuity of exams
  • Elevating the meaning and understanding of exam results and recommendations
  • Assuring follow up on early detection and treatment of risks requiring care
  • Reducing the number, severity and cost of cases
  • Reporting aggregate data to plan sponsor

To participate in the Health Dynamics Primary MD™ program, members simply:

  • Schedule a Preventive Care Exam appointment with their Primary MD
  • Call Health Dynamics to order a Primary MD packet, which includes our Comprehensive Health History Questionnaire and Data Form
  • The doctor’s office provides the required clinical data from the exam, blood and urine tests and sends it to Health Dynamics in the enclosed, stamped envelope
  • Health Dynamics enters the data into our secure database, generating a Personal Health Report
  • The member calls Health Dynamics to schedule and completes their Personalized Results Review and Coaching Session via telephone with our expert coaches

Health Dynamics Program Benefits:

  • As a plan sponsor offering the Health Dynamics Comprehensive™ and Primary MD™ programs, your organization will improve participants’ health and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.  We have demonstrated exceptional, often life-saving, results for our clients and program participants for over 30 years.  As part of these programs, plan sponsors see the aggregate health data of their participants (integrated with Health Dynamics Comprehensive™ program data) and how our programs have been able to change their population’s risk profile, which reduces spending.

    In a 2016 study by Segal, the following outcomes were reported about Health Dynamics Program participants by an extensive claims data study performed on a 36,000 life group:

    • Significantly fewer Emergency Room visits (49% fewer for actives; 55% for retirees)
    • Fewer hospital admissions (63% fewer for actives)
    • Lower costs per admission ($6,311 less in 2014; $11,922 less in 2015)
    • Reduced Medical Claims Paid (by 14% vs. non-participants)
    • Better BP and Cholesterol levels and a “significant positive impact to members’ overall health.”

    In addition to those compelling outcomes, Health Dynamics works collaboratively with plan sponsors to provide meaningful incentive programs and e-learning options to drive program participation, keep healthy participants in optimal health, and minimize unnecessary spending for those with escalating risk factors and deteriorating health.

    To learn more about how your Union Health Fund can offer more, pay less, reduce costs and mitigate medical surprises by partnering with Health Dynamics, call Les Balk today at 414-403-5229.